Ensiklomusika Music School is the top provider of music lessons for international students in Bali and Jakarta. Since 2012, Ensiklomusika has been helping children and adults reach their musical dreams through music lessons in their branches in Jakarta and Bali. All lessons are presented in English and Indonesian. World-wide certification options for students are available. Ensiklomusika Music School provides high-quality music education, including piano, singing, guitar, violin, ukulele, drum, and even Digital Music Making class that enables the student to create music digitally on an iPad. With the vision to make the world a better place through music education, Ensiklomusika Music School provides professional music teacher who doesn’t just perform and play music well, but also are enriched with teaching skills.

Ensiklomusika Music School also provides international examinations, such as ABRSM and Rock School, in which the certificates are accepted worldwide. Besides that, they conduct public concerts as a safe space for the students to perform.

For inquiries, WhatsApp us at +62 878.8819.9069 or DM  @ensiklomusikabali

Tamora Gallery Ensiklomusika Music Lessons


A fun & creative Digital Music Making Class will teach you how to make your own song. It’s not complicated since you’re going to make them on the iPad and our Music Lecturer will guide you.

Tamora Gallery Ensiklomusika Music Lessons

TRIAL CLASS PASS enables you to try THREE DIFFERENT CLASSES at Ensiklomusika Music School.

You’ve set your mind to start learning an instrument this year. Yet, you know NOTHING about any instrument. Have you caught yourself thinking, “should I learn guitar or piano? Drum looks fun, but singing seems easier. Or might as well learn to make music digitally and become a DJ?”

We hear you! Choosing the right instrument for you might not be easy. With TRIAL CLASS PASS, you can choose 3 different classes to try, with a CHEAPER PRICE. This way, you’ll feel more comfortable starting the music lesson.

Tamora Gallery Ensiklomusika Music Lessons

Tamora Gallery Ensiklomusika Vocal Lessons

Tamora Gallery Ensiklomusika Music Lessons

Tamora Gallery Ensiklomusika Music Lessons

Tamora Gallery Ensiklomusika Music Singing School
Tamora Gallery Ensiklomusika Music Lessons
Tamora Gallery Ensiklomusika Music Lessons
Tamora Gallery Ensiklomusika Music Lessons

Ensiklomusika Music School


Opening Hours:

Please contact Ensiklomusika directly for the classes schedule.

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